Significance of Secure Browser & Tips for Evaluating Your Web Browser Security Settings

Reasons to have high level browser security:
Browsers are the doorways for accessing the information & services available on internet. Low security levels of browser means system are more prone to cyber attacks. Hackers can take advantage of this security lapse.

What to do? To abstain these loopholes.
In secure browsing, antivirus program helps but having a browser without proper configuration creates loopholes. Every browser gives tips for setting optimal level of security. Having highest level of security might prevent you from accessing some websites deemed unsafe by browser. Installing plugins for browser only increase security risks. Better stay away from them.

Essential points to be remembered for secure browsing.
Having an active firewall is vital. Firewall monitors internet data received and sent while blocking unauthorized access to your system. Enabling malware protection of browser. Disabling third party cookies. Changing the encryption for chrome sync (for Chrome browser users). Such measures must be taken to be sure of security while browsing. The Auto complete feature present in most of the browsers also can be a potential privacy risk.

VPN & Secure Browsing.
Virtual Private Network shortly known as (VPN) Creates a secure connection between your computer or workstation and a remote computer. Both PC’s are connected through a public network. It must be kept in mind that a VPN slows down internet connection to some extent.

With new techniques & methods VPN can be easily integrated in browser. Ensuring secure browsing. VPN allow an ease for you by automatically tweaking browser security to just the right level. So no bothering about your browsing being insecure. A VPN allows you to maintain your privacy while surfing the internet. Be safe & sound while using public WiFi. VPN also prevents identity detection while using VOIP. The logging of your searches on browser search engines is also restricted by the use of a VPN.
VPN programs also prevent harmful sites from opening just in case you click a malware ad accidentally. VPN also detect harmful downloads and warn the user about it. By-passing web censorship has also been made easier by VPN. An added benefit for VPN users is they can download certain type of files that are usually not accessible.

VPN can be setup by just using windows provided feature too. But it’s better to use a VPN program as the can better deal with the technical stuff.