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PerfectVPN (VPNSeek) added hot VPN offers, recently.

1- Static VPN Offer: This package has 26 different location IP. Start price is only $3.5 per month (promotional code: discount30) with 20 GB Bandwidth (download). Please visit this link for more information:

2- Dedicated VPN Offer: This offer has one dedicated (private) IP. Start price is starting from $7, with using promotional code. We have Australia and New Zeanald VPN in this package with ony $10 per month. Please visit this link:

3- Unlimited Offer: This VPN has unlimited bandwidth (download). It has 26 different location IP and start price is only $8.4 per month with using promotional code discount30. Please visit this link for more information:

4- Dynamic VPN Offer: This offer has more than 50 dynamic IP in two USA and UK locations. Start price is only $6 per month with 20 GB Bandwdith (download). PLease visit this link for more information:

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